Nouf Bydoun
Credentials -CPCC
-ACC certified life coach
-Practitioner license in Neuro Linguistic Programming in London
Institution -Coaching Training Institute, London
-International Coach Federation
-NLP, License
Year Awarded
Therapy Type -Self-Development
-Life Coach
Age group -Children (6 yrs and over)

Nouf is a CPCC and ACC certified life coach from the Coaching Training Institute London - Los Angeles and the International Coach Federation. She obtained her practitioner license in Neuro Linguistic Programming in London from NLP’s cofounder himself, Richard Bandler. She is an Economics graduate and has previously been employed as a financial manager. Nouf offers coaching to help clients to exceed their personal and professional goals by pushing past emotional and mental barriers using techniques based on proven success. She helps clients to find what they need to expand their ability as a person and to live a better quality life.