Rafeef Abulhamayel
Credentials -M.Ed School Psychology and Counseling Services
-BA Psychology
Institution -Howard University (USA), MA
-King Abdul Aziz University, BA
Year Awarded -BA 2005
-MSc 2009
Therapy Type -Play Therapy
-Psycho-Educational Therapy
Specialty -Anxiety
-Grief, loss, and divorce
-Anger and agression
-Behavioral problems
Age group -Children (4 yr s-11 yrs)
-Adolescents (12 yrs -15 yrs)

Abulhamayel has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. She earned her Masters of Education in School Psychology and Counselling Services from Howard University, Washington D.C, U.S.A. As a part of her studies, she did her training in the United States at Multicultural clinical center in Spring field,VA, then she completed her training in Counselling with school age children between the age 4- 13 at Hearst Elementary School in Washington DC. During the training she used and had been introduced to many techniques and approaches such as play therapy and psycho-educational therapy for individual client and groups. Rafeef worked with children who are dealing with different range of anxiety, fear, depression, divorce, children who are dealing with grief and loss, anger and aggression, and having behavioural problems. Also she dealt with school related problems such as bullying , academic difficulties, relationships , self-esteem and self image problems . Rafeef believes that all children, teens and adults have the ability to reach their full potential if they have a safe environment, expert guidance, and knowledgeable support system in place. Her beliefs drive and encourage her to study and understand the child's stages, challenges and strengths. Rafeef became a therapist to help people navigate their complex worlds in order to live a healthier, happier life.