Raha Bogari
Credentials -MA Advanced Study in Infant-Family Practice
-BA Family and Human Development
Institution -Arizona State University, MA
-Arizona State University, BA
Year Awarded BA 2013
MA 2015
Therapy Type Psychotherapy
Specialty Trauma
Parent-Child Interactions
Age group Children (6 and under)

Raha Bogari is a child therapist. She obtained her Bachelor degree in Family and Human Development from Atizona State University then she had completed her Master degree of Advanced study in Infant-Family Practice from Arizona State University as well. She had practical experience as she worked at "Child Development Laboratory" in Arizona with children aged 2-5 years old. She had attended specific trainings and workshops focusing on social and emotional development of infants, toddlers and their families. She also had been trained to work with caregivers and young children to enhance positive parent-child interactions and develop secure attachment. Raha had successfully completed reflective supervision to culturally sensitive and relationship-based practice promoting infant mental health. She helps kids to recover from traumatic events like ( accidents, domestic violence, depriviation from the primary caregiver) and help them deal with divorce and adjust to new situations. She works on behavior modification and gaining social skills. Raha is very passionate to work with kids and make them feel loved, safe, and secured. Her interests are to encourage them to play, enjoy, and freely explore the world.