Tasneem Sorour
Credentials -MSc Experimental Psychology
-PhD in Existential Psychotherapy (In Progress)
Institution PhD TBA from Middlesex University in London
Year Awarded In Progress, PhD
Therapy Type Psychotherapy
Specialty -Depression
Age group -Adolscents

After having obtained her Masters of Science degree in Experimental Psychology, Tasneem is now training for her Phd certification in Existential Psychotherapy at Middlesex University in London. She is also currently taking a course in The New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. Tasneem’s approach to therapy is grounded on Existential Therapy with a phenomenological approach. Her goal is to gently explore the that her clients are in a non-judgmental environment. Tasneem has spent time volunteering in Hestia Housing and Support and is currently a member of the British Psychological Society. Her interests revolve around children, human rights, and social services. Tasneem’s specialties include depression, anxiety, abuse, and psychosis.